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Faralda Crane Hotel, the habitable art sculpture in Amsterdam

Author: Prof. Olga Mroz. Director of the Art Program at Al-Khalifa Business School. Editor-in-Chief of the AKBS Art Journal

Published onJun 09, 2020
Faralda Crane Hotel, the habitable art sculpture in Amsterdam

I see a report on TV and suddenly my curiosity is captivated. The visionary Edwin Kornmann Rudi created something so extraordinary in Amsterdam at Jan Hasseltkanaal and I wonder why and why? I would like to make personal contact and learn more. The sight and the aesthetics fascinate me, it must be an experience to be there and to be able to immerse yourself in the work of this person.

In Amsterdam at the harbor, the Faralda crane stands out like a filigree sculpture 50 meters high from the urban context. Excellent in the world of architecture, a piece of originality and entrepreneurial creative freedom, radical and courageous. The signal-red details, the curved red external staircase and, in contrast, that catch the eye from a distance

We can solve all problems if we have the courage to communicate with each other. Edwin Kornmann Rudi

heavy raw original material that reflects the life that the old artistically restored construction crane No. 13 carries. A total work of art, an aesthetic feast for the eyes that magically attracts from afar. It contains the enchanting tension between heaven and earth, between old and new and the water and the city of Amsterdam. Both from above and from below you are presented with a view of the wide horizon and hover in the air. Like Niki de Saint Phalles Nana sculptures, this sculpture can not only be experienced in its aesthetics from the outside but can also be felt and experienced from the inside as you enter and even spend the night in it as a hotel. The coloring is reminiscent of Mondrian's color fields in the essence of the colors, in the primary colors. Red and blue swing into each other in the components, where the yellow swivel arm of the construction crane, like the arm of an angel, swings over the harbor basin and moves in the wind.

The realization of the complete dismantling, reconstruction and construction in a port shipyard is the work of a man, the visionary, Edwin Kornmann Rudi, who started the 4 million project nine years ago and successfully implemented it against many obstacles. For Edwin Kornmann Rudi, the towering fragile strength of the construction crane pays homage to the headless angel of Samothrace, Nike, the goddess of victory, who is now in the Louvre. World-famous international DJs network, stream and play live in the crane's corpus. The crane radiates musical sound into the world. It is the content of Edwin Kornmann Rudi's concept that freestylers and open minder come together and let their visions sound in the vastness of the crane. The crane gives space for this freedom. In thoughts of Andy Warhol's Factory ("Everybody must have a fantasy.") Kornmann Rudi plans to connect the liberal arts and to offer the crane to an international avant-garde artist every few months as an art project and synergy place. The idea of ​​constructive dialogue in the arts as a form of upright conversation in which everything can be clarified and becomes possible is shown in Kornmann's quote: "We can solve all problems if we have the courage to communicate with each other".

Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam

From my initial curiosity, future exciting opportunities for international cultural cooperation arise between me, the international curator and the art manager (with an avant-garde of visionary artists in mind and heart) and the impressive project Realist Edwin Kornmann Rudi. The Crane is a place of inspiration and synergy for the visual experience and the sound - and sense experience of creative freestylers and true free spirits of the world-renowned and established art scene.

For me as a passionate professional photographer, epic connections could be felt in front of the camera, as my photo of the liberated, free-swinging arm of the crane in the sky illustrates. With my team, we explored the potential of this sculpture and added the idea of ​​free art to the effectiveness of the DJ music scene that is already based there. The change of point of view, the change of perspective, the nature and magic of the living attitude of art, the new unexpected collaborations open new horizons. As can be seen in my photo of the fruity, juicy underside of the Faralda Crane Studio. In times of upheaval and new structures, creative dialogue is a fundamental peace-promoting instrument of social formation, the essence of art. One can be excited. There's a lot going on in the art world, let's move with it. What is good can get better and it is a pleasure to bring the arts to bloom.

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