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Love and Light for World Peace: Peace Movement Project

Published onApr 13, 2020
Love and Light for World Peace: Peace Movement Project

Author: Prof. Olga Mroz

Our message is to live together in peace and harmony. We want to help people to remember that peace begins in each of us, in our hearts. When people change their thoughts and feelings in peace, joy and hope - this is the first step towards happy future.

Light art installations and sculptures by international artist R.O. Schabbach and his team are a strong signal, a visible symbol, a sign and also a call for more peace in the world.

So we can inspire people to have understanding and compassion for each other.

By using bright colors, light art installations are also a kind of therapy by light. The influence of different colors on our lives is enormous. Colors evoke a whole cascade of positive emotions in people and restore the inner balance.

Hence the light art installations by R.O. Schabbach help people to find and have peace within themselves as well as in our environment, which goes even further beyond the borders.

With the "Love and Light for World Peace" project we would like to encourage all of us to use our awareness and actions to achieve a happy, peaceful and loving world.

Each of you who orders the permanent or temporary light art installation will support the peace movement project "Love and Light for World Peace". 

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